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5 Vegetarian Dishes

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5 Vegetarian Dishes

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Weekly Menu November 18th

* = Naturally vegan; ^ = Gluten Free

Paneer Do Pyaza ^ 

Paneer cooked in a roasted onion gravy along with crisp sliced onions and light spices.

Langarwali Makhan ki Daal *^

A traditional mix of lentils slow-cooked with herbs and tempered with 100% butter, tomatoes, and onions.

Veg Salna Masala *^

A mix of chopped vegetables (beans, carrots, green peas, potatoes) sauteed with spices and cooked in a South Indian gravy with poppy seeds, cashew, and coconut.

Palak Corn *^

Spinach sauteed with spices and roasted corn.

Lauki Chana Daal *^

Fresh squash and yellow-split lentils sauteed with spices in an onion-tomato masala gravy.