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Balanced Tiffin Menus

Before we started doing tiffin deliveries, we learned the art of cooking from our family upbringings, where our mothers kept our health and appetite in check with clean (yet delicious) homestyle cooking.


Now, we bring that to you with tiffin meals delivered to the northeast United States. Our tiffin menus are thoughtfully crafted to bring you a balanced proportion of protein, complex carbohydrates, and vitamins.

FRESH ingredients

Weekly menus are locally sourced based on seasonal availability of produce, and all vegetables are thorougly washed and inspected by our kitchen staff.


Our belief is that food should be clean, tasty, and healthy. You will never have artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, transfats, glycerins, processed pastes, or margerine in the meals we deliver to you. We eat the meals we prepare.

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Seriously vegetarian

Rest assured that your meals will never contain - eggs, gelatin, lard, egg whites, animal rennet, fish oils, or any animal fats whatsoever. All tiffin meals are prepared in a pure-vegetarian kitchen by vegetarian chefs.
It's also our kitchen policy to exceed hygenic standards. Food is prepared in a DOH approved kitchen and our practices exceed DOH standards. The containers your food is delivered in are also BPA free. 

nutrition and synergy

What we do is more than cooking and delivering tiffins to

you - it is a philosophy for us, that clean and scrumptious food helps support a healthy and vibrant life.


Goodness comes in many flavors.

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